* Group leader/assistant professor Light management in new photovoltaic materials

PhD positions
Nanoscale Biophysics
* Singlet fission at hybrid interfaces
* Singlet fission sensitization of solar cells 

  Postdoc positions
* Chaperone-mediated protein folding at the single-molecule level
* Controlling the structure of light
* Measurement and control of macroscopic mechanical systems at the quantum level 
All research positions  
vergroten FOm/f Symposium 2014
FOM invites all female physicists to the FOm/f symposium 2014. An event with inspiring plenary lectures and four different workshop sessions. Friday 19 September 2014, Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht. Deadline registration: 5 September. More information.
Physics@FOM Veldhoven: 20 + 21 January 2015
vergroten Physics@FOM Veldhoven: 20 + 21 January 2015
Deadline call for abstracts: 12 September 2014.
More information.
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Figure 2. Optical microscope image Researchers from the FOM Foundation and University of Groningen have found a way to preserve spin information for much longer than previously possible. They isolated the spin information from the influence of the outside world in a nanoscale graphene device, in which they can easily manipulate the information with electric fields. This feature makes their device an attractive candidate for future computer data storage and for logic devices based on spins. The researchers published their results online on 22 August 2014 in Physical Review Letters. Read more
Figure 1. Animation of a resonator Scientists from TU Delft's Kavli Institute of Nanoscience have demonstrated that they can detect extremely small changes in position and forces on very small drums of graphene. Graphene drums have great potential to be used as sensors in devices such as mobile phones. Using their unique mechanical properties, these drums could also act as memory chips in a quantum computer. The researchers present their findings in an article in the August 24th edition of Nature Nanotechnology. The research was funded by the FOM Foundation, the EU Marie-Curie programme and NWO Read more
Lowlands University, 15 to 17 August 2014 This weekend the annual three-day pop festival Lowlands will be held near the Dutch village of Biddinghuizen. Since 2005 Lowlands University has been a part of the programme. Many renowned scientists have spoken at a festival podium for the first time here and have given their best ever lecture to thousands of curious Lowlands' visitors. This year inquisitive festival visitors can eat their heart out at lectures given, for example, by Nikhef director professor Frank Linde and professor Hester Bijl (Delft University of Technology). Read more
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- First call for tenure-track positions within CSER-initiative: deadline 15 September 2014
- Call for proposals FOM-Projectruimte: from 1 May 2013 continuous
- Valorisation grants for university workgroups: continuous
- FOm/f-grants: continuous
- Proposal new Industrial Partnerships Programmes: continuous

General calls and scientific prizes
- FOm/f Symposium 2014 - registration: deadline 5 September 2014
- FOM-DPI-TIFN Bio(-related) materials Day 2014 – registration: deadline 5 September 2014
- Call for abstracts Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015: deadline 12 September 2014, 12.00 hrs
- '1000 Euro Proefjes' contest: deadline 30 September 2014
- Travel grant LNVH Distinguished Women Scientists Fund: deadline 1 October 2014
- Physics with Industry: registration open form 1 September until 3 October 204
- Writing for and continuous


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