* Group leader/assistant professor Light management in new photovoltaic materials

PhD positions
* Controlling the structure of light
* Measurement and control of macroscopic mechanical systems at the quantum level
* EUV pump-probe spectroscopy 

  Postdoc positions
* Controlling the structure of light
* Measurement and control of macroscopic mechanical systems at the quantum level
* EUV generation and ultrafast plasma dynamics 
All research positions  
vergroten FOm/f Symposium 2014
FOM invites all female physicists to the FOm/f symposium 2014. An event with inspiring plenary lectures and four different workshop sessions. Friday 19 September 2014, Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht. Deadline registration: 5 September. More information.
Brochure 'Learning the ropes of the Dutch physics community'
vergroten Brochure 'Learning the ropes of the Dutch physics community'
An introduction to FOM and the Dutch system of science, written for tenure trackers and all other scientists coming from abroad. Also the most important funding schemes are included. Download
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Figure 1. The experiment Researchers from FOM Institute DIFFER are the first to have demonstrated that heavier atoms in a material surface can react directly with a surrounding gas. The so-called Eley-Rideal reaction has never previously been demonstrated for atoms heavier than hydrogen. The Eley-Rideal process requires less energy than a reaction between two atoms that are both attached to the material. The discovery could lead to more efficient catalysts for the production of synthetic fuel, for example. The researchers publish the results on 29 July online in Physical Review Letters. Read more
Logo NWO NWO awarded a Veni grant to eight talented young physics researchers. The eight physicists were part of the 152 highly promising researchers who have recently gained their PhDs and can spend the next three years working on their scientific ideas. A Veni grant is worth a maximum of 250,000 euros and is one of the individual grants from NWO to encourage scientific talent. In total, NWO invests 38 million euros in this round. Read more
Figure 1. Logo NERA To increase the success of participation in the Top sector Energy and seizing the opportunities in the European context more cooperation is needed on both operational and scientific level. With this ambition the large public organisations involved in energy research in the Netherlands have joined forces in a single alliance for the first time. They are doing this under the auspices of the association Netherlands Energy Research Alliance (NERA), of which FOM is a member. Read more
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Research - calls
- First call for tenure-track positions within CSER-initiative: deadline 15 September 2014
- Call for proposals FOM-Projectruimte: from 1 May 2013 continuous
- Valorisation grants for university workgroups: continuous
- FOm/f-grants: continuous
- Proposal new Industrial Partnerships Programmes: continuous

General calls and scientific prizes
- DutchBiophysics 2014 - call for abstracts poster presentations: deadline 29 August 2014
- DutchBiophysics 2014 - registration: deadline 29 August 2014
- FOm/f Symposium 2014 - registration: deadline 5 September 2014
- Call for abstracts Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015: deadline 12 September 2014, 12.00 hrs
- '1000 Euro Proefjes' contest: deadline 30 September 2014
- Travel grant LNVH Distinguished Women Scientists Fund: deadline 1 October 2014
- Writing for and continuous


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- Courses for PhD students 
- Agreement about extension of collective labour agreement until 1 January 2014

- Extension cao until 1 January 2015
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