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January 23rd 2017

  • Folding reconfigurable materials

    Folding reconfigurable materials

    Toolkit to design metamaterials with programmable shape and function

    During his PhD research at Harvard University, AMOLF group leader Bas Overvelde developed a smart method for designing and investigating new metamaterials. For such materials the microstructure determines the function, rather than the molecular composition. The ideal metamaterial changes shape autonomously to achieve the desired functionality. Overvelde and his American colleagues developed a toolkit to design such metamaterials that can assume different shapes in a manner reminiscent of origami. They published their research on 19 January 2017 in Nature.

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  • Four female scientists receive WISE position

    Four female scientists receive WISE position

    Dr. Elisabeth Adams, dr. Barbora Hola, dr. Stacey Jeffery and dr. Anja Spang have been given a position in the first round of the NWO Women In Science Excel (WISE) programme at the following research institutes respectively: ASTRON, NSCR, CWI and NIOZ. The tenure track programme provides these talented female scientists with the opportunity to continue or develop their own research group and ultimately advance to a top position at the institute in question.

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  • Magnetic recording with light and no heat

    A strong short light pulse can record data on a magnetic layer of yttrium iron garnet doped with Co-ions. This was discovered by researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands and Bialystok University in Poland. The novel mechanism outperforms existing alternatives allowing ever fastest write-read magnetic recording accompanied by unprecedentedly low heat load, the scientific magazine Nature reports on 18 January 2017.

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