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February 23rd 2017

FOM --> NWO ≥ 2017
From 2017 onwards the current FOM organisation will form a new NWO organisation together with the other NWO units. During the course of 2017 all of the information on this website will be modified in accordance with the new organisation structure of NWO. For further information we refer you to the information page about the NWO transition.


Since 2011 the Dutch government has collaborated with entrepreneurs and researchers to specifically strengthen nine vital op sectors. These are the themes that are particularly important for the Dutch economy and for which the government wants to develop a coherent agenda to stimulate innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in the Netherlands; the 'Knowledge and Innovation Agenda'.

FOM is most strongly involved in the Top Sectors High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) and Energy, but also contributes to the Top Sectors Chemistry, Water, Agri & Food, Horticulture & Propagation Materials, and Life Sciences & Health.

Top team
For each top sector a special 'top team' has been put together that is made up of a leading figure from the sector as standard bearer, a scientist, a top civil servant and an innovative SME entrepreneur. The top teams state which objectives they have set themselves and how the government can facilitate the nine top sectors so that they remain competitive on the world market.

TKI - Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation
'Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation' (TKI) have been set up to encourage and coordinate public-private partnerships (PPP) within the top sectors. An important fuel for the innovation engine is the TKI allowance; a bonus from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of 25 percent in addition to the private contribution in PPP programmes. This allowance is awarded to the knowledge institutions via the TKIs. TKIs can develop specific programme lines in the top sectors although in some sectors (HTSM) the development of programmes is realised through roadmaps in which knowledge institutions and companies advance together with the top sectors. The TKI allowances used to fund extra research within the top sectors.

Top Sectors and FOM
With the realisation of excellent, fundamental research FOM contributes to an increase in knowledge and the stimulation of innovation in the Dutch economy. The Industrial Partnership Programmes (IPPs) of FOM play an important role in this. In some cases these take the form of long-term initiatives such as the Advanced Research Center for Nanolitography (ARCNL) where ASML is a partner and the quantum institute QuTech where Microsoft is a partner.

The Institutes also conduct highly promising research together with companies. The collaborations with companies initiated by FOM are part of the 'NWO Proposition for the Top Sectors'. Via this proposition the FOM activities are given a place in the Dutch Knowledge and Innovation Agenda. FOM is mainly active in the Top Sectors HTSM and Energy.

Top Sector Energy
Within NWO it is the coordinator and contact point for the Top Sector Energy. Furthermore, FOM has provided the knowledge secretary for this top sector.

Top Sector HTSM
The Top Sector HTSM has compiled seventeen roadmaps for subjects that describe specific themes for PPP. These roadmaps have been realised in close collaboration with research organisations, including FOM, and companies. In addition the TKI HTSM is accommodated at FOM and a FOM employee is the ad interim director of the TKI. 

IPP successful
The recent evaluation of the IPP revealed that FOM, by contributing to the top sectors policy in this manner, is for many people an example of a strong, dynamic and strategy-determining institute that organises the field and has a good track record in the area of public-private partnership.

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