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January 23rd 2017

FOM --> NWO --> 2017
From 2017 onwards the current FOM organisation will form a new NWO organisation together with the other NWO units. During the course of 2017 all of the information on this website will be modified in accordance with the new organisation structure of NWO. For further information we refer you to the information page about the NWO transition.


FOM would like to draw your attention to four special scientific FOM prizes that are open to various researchers in the field of physics. With these prizes, FOM aims to facilitate research and knowledge utilisation at different scientific levels. The prizes are always presented to the winners during Physics@Veldhoven in January.

Last FOM Prizes in 2016
In 2016 FOM will award the following FOM Prizes for the last time:

The winners of these prizes were announced in October 2016. The prizes will be awarded during Physics@Veldhoven 2017.

Physics Prizes as from 2017
As from 1 January 2017 FOM will be part of the new NWO. In 2017 the following prizes will be awarded:

  • NWO Physics Thesis Award
    awarded each year to the best physics thesis.
  • Minerva Prize
    awarded once every two years for the best publication by a woman about a physics subject.
  • NWO Physics Valorisation Prize
    encourages the utilisation of knowledge from physics research. The prize is awarded each year to a Dutch researcher (or research group) within the field of physics who has successfully managed to make the results from his or her own research useful for society.
  • NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize
    encourages PhD students to devote a separate chapter in their thesis to the valorisation of their doctoral research. This prize underlines the importance that FOM attaches to valorisation and is aimed at encouraging PhD students to look out for possibilities to utilise knowledge from their research.

More information
Information about the prizes can be found on the relevant pages. Video material of the prizes ceremony in 2012, in 2013 and in 2015 can be found on our YouTube channel. See also the film 'Winning prizes for physics at FOM'.

Deadline 2017
The deadline for submitting nominations for the four NWO Physics Prizes 2017 is 1 April 2017.