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March 30th 2017


NWO Physics Prizes: submit nominations before 1 April

The NWO Domain Science has four special scientific NWO prizes that are open to various researchers in the field of physics. With these prizes, NWO aims to facilitate research and knowledge utilisation at different scientific levels. The prizes are presented to the winners during Physics@Veldhoven in January. The deadline for submitting nominations for the prizes is 1 April 2017.

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Marileen Dogterom new KNAW board member

Marileen Dogterom, professor bionanoscience in Delft and Professor molecular physics in Leiden, will take a seat at the KNAW board as of 1 June 2017. She is appointed for four years, one day per week. Dogterom succeeds Nobel Prize winner Ben Feringa, who completed his term.

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Space-borne gravitational wave detector LISA a step closer

Gravitational wave detector LISA, which will be able to measure gravitational waves in space using Dutch technology, has made a significant step forward. Earlier in 2017, an international group of scientists and institutes proposed LISA as a gravitational wave mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2034. Other proposals were not submitted to ESA. This month Dutch institutes, including Nikhef, formally informed ESA that they support the LISA proposal.

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Joint CSER and eScience programme for Energy Research (JCER)

The Computational Sciences for Energy Research (CSER) programme and the Netherlands eScience Center Amsterdam are opening a new call for proposals for PhD projects addressing the research challenges in the computational sciences for future energy. The research focuses on developing sustainable software tools and is aimed to the broad community of computational scientists performing energy research.

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Physics and Chemistry: 'Koester het fundament' manifesto for new cabinet

The Council for Physics and Chemistry has drawn up the ‘Koester het fundament’ manifesto and presented it to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Council is led by Robbert Dijkgraaf and was set up, on the recommendation of Minister Bussemaker, by Jasper Knoester, Ben Feringa and Niek Lopes Cardozo, chairmen of the Committee of Deans of the Faculties of Science, NWO's former Chemical Sciences division and the former Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), respectively, in 2016.

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Valuable expert meeting for science, industry and clinicians

On 23 February, 16 physicians from the Máxima Medical Center (MMC) talked with researchers and high-tech companies active in medical technology during an interactive workshop at the Health Innovation Campus in Veldhoven. During the evening a valuable exchange of knowledge, experience and contact details took place.

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Researchers demonstrate new type of laser

Lasers Lasers are unique due to the emission of perfectly synchronised coherent light. This means that the linewidth (which corresponds with the colour spectrum) can be very narrow. A typical laser consists of a large number of emitters (such as atoms, molecules, or charge carriers in semiconductors) in a fabricated cavity. Such conventional lasers are often inefficient and generate a lot of heat. This makes it difficult to combine them in low temperature applications, such as quantum technology. Superconducting Josephson junction In 1911, the Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovered that certain materials at low temperatures transition into a superconducting state in which electrical current experiences no loss. One of the most important applications of superconductivity is the Josephson effect: if a piece of superconducting material is very briefly interrupted then the charge carriers can tunnel through that barrier in…

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Number of women in higher positions continues to rise

16% women in scale 12 and higher at FOM on 31 December 2016
The FOM Foundation - since 1 January transformed into the NWO Institutes Organisation - signed the women's charter 'Talent to the top' in 2010. By signing this charter, FOM pledged to take concrete measures to get more female talent 'on board' the organisation and to retain this. With this FOM also saw a role for itself in facilitating the progression of women to a top position outside of its own organisation.

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Exploding ice droplets

A water droplet that freezes from the outside in exhibits a fascinating series of rapidly occurring physical phenomena before it violently explodes. Researchers from the University of Twente have revealed this in an article published in Physical Review Letters on 24 February 2017. Their publication was highlighted as 'exceptional news'.

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Joost Frenken wins the MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award

ARCNL director and group leader Joost Frenken receives the 2017 Innovation in Materials Characterization Award of the Materials Research Society (MRS). He was chosen from a large group of nominees for "the development, application and commercialization of high-speed, temperature-controlled, in-situ scanning probe microscopy, leading to key insights in the structure, dynamics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces."

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