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May 29th 2017


Water is surprisingly ordered at the nanoscale

Researchers from AMOLF and Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have shown that the surface of minuscule water drops surrounded by a hydrophobic substance such as oil is surprisingly ordered.
At room temperature, the surface water molecules of these droplets have much stronger interactions than at a normal water surface. This may shed new light on a variety of atmospheric, biological and even geological processes.

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FOM Annual Report 2016

The last annual report of FOM has been published, 'FOM in 2016'. With this, the FOM Foundation has completed a series of 70 annual reports: in 2016 FOM celebrated its 70th anniversary. With effect from 1 January 2017, FOM transitioned into the institutes organisation of NWO. The annual report of 2016 is therefore the last annual report of the FOM Foundation.

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Innovative physics research receives 3,5 million euros

The NWO Science (ENW) Domain Board has granted funding for eight proposals in the NWO Natuurkunde Projectruimte, a granting instrument for small scale projects that propose fundamental physics research that is innovative and has a scientific, industrial or social urgency.

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Council for Physics and Chemistry launches its own website

Since April, the Council for Physics and Chemistry (Raad voor de Natuur- Scheikunde) en has its own website (available in Dutch only) on which, for example, all previously published documents can be found such as the manifesto Koester het fundament (Invest in basic science) that was published in February. In that manifesto, the Council calls for a strengthening of the natural sciences disciplines and in doing this it builds further upon the recommendations of the Breimer Committee in the report 'Koersvast' [Staying on course].

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'Zwaartekracht' for Dogterom and Buhrman

Once again six research teams of top scientists from various Dutch universities have received funding to jointly set up excellent scientific research programmes in the coming years. The Dutch Minister of Education Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker, has made a total amount of 112.8 million euros available. The teams of Marileen Dogterom and Harry Buhrman are granted 18.8 million euros for their research on building a synthetic cell and quantum software.

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Snake currents cause a very large anisotropic magnetoresistance in rolled-up graphene

Rolled-up graphene nanostructures show a very large anisotropic magnetoresistance, a physical effect used in many magnetic sensing applications, such as compasses and traffic detection. Theoretical physicists in Utrecht and Dresden have demonstrated this for a layer of graphene rolled up to form a tube with open edges. "We found the effect can be more than ten times higher than observed in conventional transition metal alloys", VIDI laureate Carmine Ortix (Utrecht University) explains. The researchers published their results in Nano Letters in April 2017.

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National consortium Building Blocks of Life to be established

Researchers and representatives from industry and healthcare are coming together to determine the course for a national consortium Building Blocks of Life. During a workshop that will be held in Utrecht the participants will work on a vision for the next ten years.

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Professor Sytze Brandenburg appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

On Wednesday 26 April,  Professor Sytze Brandenburg received a Royal Decoration. He has been appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. Brandenburg is professor of Accelerator Physics at the University of Groningen and is programme leader at the NWO Institutes Organisation (NWO-I). Mayor P.E.J. Den Oudsten of the Municipality of Groningen presented the decoration in the Groningen Town Hall.

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Sieb Radelaar has passed away

On Wednesday 19 April 2017 Sijbrand (Sieb) Radelaar passed away. He was 78 years old. Professor Radelaar was emeritus professor at Delft University of Technology, a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau.

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