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February 21st 2017


Joost Frenken wins the MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award

ARCNL director and group leader Joost Frenken receives the 2017 Innovation in Materials Characterization Award of the Materials Research Society (MRS). He was chosen from a large group of nominees for "the development, application and commercialization of high-speed, temperature-controlled, in-situ scanning probe microscopy, leading to key insights in the structure, dynamics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces."

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Second Future Energy Conference on 19 and 20 September 2017

The successful first edition of the 'Computational Sciences for Future Energy Conference' will be continued. The conference will bring together the Dutch research community in computational science for energy applications on 19 and 20 September in Eindhoven. The conference is organized and sponsored by Shell and NWO.

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Six physicists receive Vici grants

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has awarded a grant to six physicists. The Vici grant is worth 1,5 million euros per applicant. The scientists can use the grant to do research for the next five years and to build up a research group. A total of 34 prominent scientists received a Vici grant.

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Cells walk further on a hard substrate

Movement of cells due to mechanical causes modelled

Cells move differently on a firm substrate than on a softer surface. Using a mathematical model, former FOM PhD researcher Elizaveta Novikova (Eindhoven University of Technology) has demonstrated for first time that there is a connection between this local behaviour of cells and their global tendency to move towards a firmer substrate. This knowledge provides starting points for specifically controlling the movement of cells. Novikova and her colleagues will published this model in Physical Review Letters on 16 February 2017.

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One-way traffic for motion in new material

Scientists have developed a material that breaks one of the fundamental principles governing many physical systems. Ordinary materials transmit external forces equally, no matter where the pressure comes from. The newly developed material breaks this rule and could potentially be of interest in soft-robotics or shock absorption related applications. The research team from AMOLF, Leiden University and the University of Texas at Austin published their findings on 13 February 2017 in Nature.

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Call Top Sector HTSM: NWO promotes partnerships with SMEs

In its strategic plan, NWO has incorporated greater involvement of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in fundamental physics research. Within NWO there are KIEM tools for this, such as KIEM for the Top Sector Chemical Top Sector. NWO is now continuing the KIEM-HTSM pilot to stimulate this collaboration within the Top Sector HighTech Systems and Materials. Innovative collaboration projects from businesses and research institutes, in which the business community wishes to invest, can submit project proposals to NWO. The second round of the pilot for the KIEM-HTSM tool has been launched immediately with a call for proposals. The deadline for applications is 4 April 2017.

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Black holes on an electronic chip

Physicists find a simple way to create black holes in the lab

Theoretical physicists have proposed a way to simulate black holes on an electronic chip. This makes it possible to study fundamental aspects of black holes in a laboratory on earth. Additionally, the underlying research may be useful for quantum technologies. "Right now, it's purely theoretical," says Rembert Duine (Utrecht University/TU Eindhoven), "but all the ingredients already exist. This could be happening in a lab one or two years from now." The researchers are publishing their results in Physical Review Letters on 1 February, 2017.

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Arian Steenbruggen: "New NWO: flexible, agile and focused on cooperation"

With effect from 1 January 2017, Arian Steenbruggen is the director of the new NWO domain Sciences. "I want to make my contribution to the success of the new design of NWO, by enhancing the collaboration between the science areas of NWO. As one NWO we will be more flexible, agile and focused on cooperation. This also means that NWO will become more effective, respond more flexibly to developments in science and society."

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