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January 24th 2017

The Central Works Council (in Dutch: Centrale Ondernemingsraad, COR) represents all employees in discussions with the management. The works council advises the management and in some cases has the right to allow/forbid certain policies or plans that affect the position of employees or the organization.

Because FOM has become NWO-I as of 1 Januari 2017, there are changes in the way that the formal (central) employee participation is organized. For the moment the current COR-FOM-members will continue to be your direct representatives, because the legislative term for all works councils have been extended within FOM.

In 2017 a new (preliminary) COR NWO will start. The Central Works Council (COR) includes representatives from the local works councils (at the institutes and the central office) and members who are chosen directly from the university groups. The works councils of Nikhef, AMOLF, DIFFER and ARCNL will be allocated a seat in this new COR NWO. Two more seats will be available in the COR NWO for the coming two years intended for FOM employees from university workgroups. Elections have been planned for May 2017. Office NWO-I employees will also get a seat in the COR NWO.

You can stilll use the current email address of use We will also keep posting the latest news on the website.

In 2017 the COR meets every two weeks and every four weeks there is a meeting together with the FOM management. Meeting dates are listed under 'More Information'.

COR news

  • [5 January 2017] COR FOM advises concerning transition NWO
    In December the COR FOM has given advice on the transition towards NWO.
    On 7 December the COR advised on, amongst others, the concept statutes of the institutes foundation NWO-I, the intended successor of FOM. We advised to include the training of PhD students (one of the key functions of NWO-I) in the statutes. The COR considers it an important function and responsibility of NWO-I to centrally organise trainings for PhD students both on the short and long-term.
    Secondly, on 13 December the COR FOM advised positively concerning the proposal to designate a number of (mostly executive) functions as key-functions within the NWO offices (Utrecht and The Hague). The key-officers are offered an executive management course concentrating on talent development, leadership, culture and the strengthening of mutual connections.
    The third advice, also issued on 13 December, concerned the organisational design (the executive structure) of the Office NWO-I, NWO Domains and Operational Management and the new Office Board of Directors. The COR can agree with the broad outlines, but the plans as yet are not very much developed. For this reason the COR thinks it too early to formally place employees in offices in January 2017. The COR therefore advises to formally place employees when the plans have been more fully developed and the names of executives are known.
    Summarised in the words of the COR chair Joep Peters "As far as we are concerned, all the people that have contributed to the preparation of the transition have done a good job. We hope that with this the transition will be a success not only for physics in the Netherlands but for all academic research."

  • [11 October 2016] Update advise course transition NWO
    The transition course is slightly delayed. The COR FOM expects a lot of advise requests after the third of November: topics concerning appointing key functions, the detailed design of NWO-I and NWO-D, and the regulations and rules of NWO-I. The COR FOM tries to synchronize their advises as much as possible with the works councils from NWO, NIOZ, CWI and ZonMw. A formal advise request concerning the change of FOM to NWO-I has to be placed as well. Currently we are consulting with the director and the transition bureau regarding the transition schedule.
  • [11 October 2016] Successful second away-day works councils
    On 20 September about seventy members of the works councils within the future NWO were gathered at CWI in Amsterdam. A meeting with Stan Gielen, new chairmen of the board of management NWO and Caroline Visser, portfolio holder of business management and finances was held. Explanations were given regarding the process, the points of discussion within the detailed design and the placement procedure. In the afternoon (focus) sessions were held, regarding the NWO-D and NWO-I design, the placement procedure and the new employee participation structure. The also-elsewhere possibility (where employees can partly work at different NWO departments) was discussed as well.
  • [11 October 2016] Extension installment FOM work councils
    The regular elections for all FOM work councils were scheduled in December 2016. In view of the NWO transition all FOM work councils decided to extend their term with a maximum up to half a year. This way, we can collectively look after the interests of the employees to our best extent during the transition. We gave the management, unions and all employees the opportunity to object against this procedure. In the end, we received objections of two employees against an extension of our installment.
  • [30 August 2016] Redundancy Plan transition NWO
    The COR FOM received the concept for the Redundancy Plan for the transition NWO (stake of employers). This Redundancy Plan will be made between employers and unions and contains agreements concerning the personnel consequences. The works councils from NIOZ, CWI, NWO and FOM made a joint reply with additions and suggestions

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If you wish to learn more about the activities of the Works Councils, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your local representative or our administrative secretary.