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February 21st 2017

Agreement on implementation regulations (IR) 2014-2017
In the Summer of 2014, after a smooth and pleasant negotiation process, the representatives of FOM and the COR reached an agreement on the implementation regulations in line with the wishes of the COR and taking into account the financial circumstances. Improvements of employee benefits that bring along costs are mostly compensated by savings on other issues.

The new UVR, effective from 1 July 2014 until 1 July 2017, includes changes in employee benefits that, according to the agreement, will be implemented as of 1 September 2014.

You can find the new IR 2014-2017 in the right-hand corner.

Cao for Research 2016 final agreement 
The employers' association WVOI and three unions (AC / AFZ, VAWO / CMHF and CNV Public Affairs) have agreed on a collective labor agreement for the research institutions (CAO-OI) for 2016. The outcome of the negotiations in 2015 is now implemented in the text of the collective labor agreement.

A collective labor agreement contains agreements on working conditions, including pay and days off, to be respected in the individual employment contract.

You can find the new Cao-OI 2016 in the right-hand corner.