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March 30th 2017

The Netherlands scores low in international rankings for the participation of women in science. That also applies to Dutch physics. FOM is working towards an increase in the number of women in physics. That is a spearhead in the new Strategic Plan. In 2020, FOM wants twenty percent of the women it employs to be in higher positions. FOM therefore has several favourable employment conditions that must contribute to a positive work-life balance. For example, FOM has good facilities such as paid and unpaid parental leave and the possibility of part-time work is offered. A temporary employment agreement of a PhD researcher can be extended under certain conditions, for example due to pregnancy, parental leave or part-time working. Further FOM has a regulation for care and calamity leave. A specific regulation provides the possibility of childcare during business trips. Also the general conditions for teleworking, the possibility to purchase and sell holiday leave, and if needs be flexible work times are a stimulus for both women and men to combine their private and working lives as well as possible.