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February 23rd 2017

Aim of the programme
The aim of this programme is to manage and optimise future energy systems as integrated systems, with big data as a crucial element. In such systems, several energy carriers, several networks, subsystems and peripheral systems, or data from a wide range of sources are combined. This enables, for example, excess electricity from solar panels of an office building to be stored in a battery, in the building's heat exchange system or to be converted into gas. Alternatively, a combination of microgrids, buildings and industrial estates or other subsystems are managed and optimised as an integrated system, which takes into account multiple actors and stakeholders.

Connection with COMMIT2DATA
In this call the use of large and/or heterogeneous datasets takes centre stage. The projects to be awarded funding will therefore also be part of the activities of COMMIT2DATA. Information:

Connection with Top Sector Energy and public-private partnership (PPP)
This programme is aimed at public-private partnership. The programme will be carried out as part of the NWO proposition for the Top Sector Energy. Project consortia should consist of at least one knowledge institution and at least one industrial partner.

A co-funding requirement applies to the programme. The intention is a compulsory cash contribution from companies that covers 15 percent of the project costs. In addition, an in-kind contribution (of 15 percent of project costs) will be requested.

Target group
This programme is interesting for knowledge institutions and companies that are active in the area of sustainable energy. It is aimed at researchers from the technical disciplines including mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering.

Size of projects and budget
The size of the projects to be awarded funding will be between two and four personnel positions. The NWO budget available for this call is M€ 3.85.

Information & matchmaking meeting
On Wednesday, 11 January 2017 an information & matchmaking meeting will be organised. Please keep this date free in your diary. More information will follow via this newsletter. If you wish to be informed about the latest developments then you can register your interest via

Intended timetable
December 2016: Call opens
11 January 2017: Information & matchmaking meeting
Spring 2017: Deadline submission prepropsoals
Autumn 2017: Decision NWO

More information and contact
The exact conditions of the call will be published on NWO's website. For more information please contact Dr. Mark van Assem. Information about a previous call in the area of energy system integration can be found on the programme's website.