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February 22nd 2017

Background information
An exploratory study, carried out in conjunction with FOM, showed that both universities of applied science and the NWO and FOM Institutes are interested in increasing collaboration between the universities and the institutes. The main aim here would be to strengthen research in the innovation chains and to increase the availability of well-trained technical talent. The L•INT scheme is one of the instruments being used by the SIA Taskforce to achieve this goal.

What is it?
L•INT enables a lecturer who already holds a post at a university of applied science to work at an NWO or FOM institute for a period of two years, with the prospect of work for four years in total. This enables completion of the knowledge chain: the university of applied science and the institute contribute in kind, and private parties participate as well. They enter into a collaboration that meets the research agendas of both institute and university, and that is embedded in the research activities of both the university and the institute. Moreover, the collaboration is in line with the top sector agenda.

For whom is it intended?
The lead applicant may be either a university of applied science or one of the NWO or FOM Institutes. Other universities and private parties may join the alliance formed between the university and the institute. The application should be issued under the auspices of a lecturer, or of another senior researcher at the university or the institute. This lecturer may also be the lecturer who subsequently works at either the university or the institute.

What can you apply for?
The maximum grant that can be applied for is € 93,750, while the duration of a research period is 24 months. There is a prospect of the same sum being awarded again for the following two years. Approved projects can be considered for funding for an extra two years if this becomes available. In this case the duration of the grant is extended to four years.

When can you apply?
The call for proposals for L•INT is ongoing and closes on 30 April 2017 at 2.00 hours p.m.

Submitting an application
Go to the SIA Taskforce website for the application form and the guide that sets out the procedure for submitting an application. If you have any questions, please contact Frank Karelse.