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February 22nd 2017

For who?
The meeting is interesting for private and public parties (companies, municipalities, energy cooperatives etc.) who want to set up projects with researchers. The call for proposals is mainly aimed at the physical and technical disciplines (such as mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering), but also offers opportunities for research in the social sciences and humanities.

The aim of this programme is to manage and optimise future energy systems as integrated systems, with big data as a crucial element. In such systems, several energy carriers, several networks, subsystems and peripheral systems, or data from a wide range of sources are combined. This enables, for example, excess electricity from solar panels of an office building to be stored in a battery, in the building's heat exchange system or to be converted into gas. Alternatively, a combination of microgrids, buildings and industrial estates or other subsystems are managed and optimised as an integrated system, which takes into account multiple actors and stakeholders.

Meeting: information & matchmaking
The meeting will open with information about and an explanation of the call (publication: December 2016). Secondly there will be the opportunity to meet researchers and companies with the aim of developing a project proposal. The meeting will probably be held in Utrecht.

Academic research with practical applications
Projects will have a duration of three to four years and will be carried out by academic partners with the support of public/private parties. The research will be aimed at innovations with an application horizon of five to ten years.

There is a co-funding requirement for public/private parties. The intention is a compulsory cash contribution from companies that covers 15 percent of the project costs. In addition, an in-kind contribution (of 15 percent of the project costs) will be requested. Several parties can participate per project and jointly provide the total contribution.

Collaboration with Top Sector Energy and COMMIT2DATA
The programme will be developed with and supported by the TKI Urban Energy (part of the Top Sector Energy) and COMMIT2DATA. All research proposals should focus on the use of big data in energy system integration.

Connection with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency programme System Integration
In terms of content the NWO programme is related to the System Integration programme of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. That programme is focused on shorter projects and studies carried out by private parties and knowledge institutions, with an immediate or short-term application horizon. Due to this difference in focus, NWO and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency are publishing separate calls ('tenders').

More information
More information including a programme and registration website will follow shortly. Participation in the meeting is free of charge. If you have any questions then please contact NWO by phoning Dr. M.F.J. van Assem, +31 70 344 09 15 or by sending an email.