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February 23rd 2017

  • NWO provides funds to collaborative physics projects between small and medium sized enterprises (SME) within the Top Sector High-Tech systems and materials.

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  • NWO participates in the QuantERA consortium to contribute to the further advancement of quantum science and technology in Europe. A call for proposals is now open to finance projects in this area. NWO participates in this joint transnational call with 1 million euro, with a maximum project size of 250,000 euro for the Dutch part of a project. In addition to the national contributions the European Commission will contribute a maximum of fifty percent of the actual awarded funding.

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  • Aim of the LIFT-HTSM call is to facilitate public-private collaboration and knowledge transfer on topics suited to the Top Sector HTSM, that is, on collaboration with SME in particular. The LIFT-HTSM pilot call is now opened for proposals. 

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  • FOM, NWO (NIHC & MaGW) and ZonMW participate in the Flagship ERA-NET (FLAG-ERA II) to contribute to the construction of the FET Flagships Graphene and Human Brain Project. At the beginning of January 2017, a call for proposals will be launched to finance projects complementary to the Flagships. FOM participates in this Joint Transnational Call for Graphene Basic Research.

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  • FOM initiated the FOm/f incentives programme to keep more female scientists in the Dutch physics community.

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  • FOM regularly receives funding requests for congresses, symposia and exhibitions. On this page you can read about how you can submit such requests.

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Funding instruments in the new NWO
From 2017 onwards the current FOM organisation will form a new NWO organisation together with the other NWO units. During the course of 2017 all of the information on this website will be modified in accordance with the new organisation structure of NWO. For further information we refer you to the information page about the NWO transition.
FOM's current funding instruments will remain unchanged in the first half of 2017. NWO will announce any changes to the funding instruments at least six months in advance. The year 2017 will be a transition year. More information.