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February 22nd 2017

FOM --> NWO ≥ 2017
From 2017 onwards the current FOM organisation will form a new NWO organisation together with the other NWO units. During the course of 2017 all of the information on this website will be modified in accordance with the new organisation structure of NWO. For further information we refer you to the information page about the NWO transition.


FOM makes a relevant contribution to the Dutch knowledge economy and to helping solve scientific problems faced by companies as well to tackling societal issues such as energy and health.
The effectiveness of this approach can be seen in the huge success of the Industrial Partnership Programmes, for example. In these programmes challenging problems from the private sector are linked to creative scientific solutions, in which the company and FOM jointly fund the research.

How FOM does this is described in the valorisation memorandum 'Fundamental research for society' (see the abstract of this document in the top right-hand corner of this page).

As a FOM researcher or FOM workgroup leader you can use these pages to find out how valorisation is linked to your projects and what possibilities are available for further developing an idea or invention.

For visitors from the private sector, these pages provide information about possibilities for various types of collaboration with FOM.

On the webpage 'Top sectors' on the FOM website you will find information about FOM and the top sectors.