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February 23rd 2017

An 'Industrial Partnership Programme' (IPP) is meant to strengthen the connections between academia and industry. FOM introduced the IPP in 2004 to increase the contribution that research makes to the Dutch knowledge economy.

Type of research
The IPP focuses on use-inspired, explorative, precompetitive research. The research within IPPs must primarily focus on fundamental understanding but in addition to this on future applications as well. The IPP is unique in this regard: other funding instruments either focus primarily on the science or on the applications.

How does it work?
In the IPP the FOM researchers and the companies enter the collaboration on an equal footing: the partners formulate the research objectives together and during the realisation of the research there is a lot of interaction on equal terms. This equal footing also applies to the funding: the companies contribute at least fifty percent in cash to the research. The partners often make considerable in-kind contributions as well (for example equipment and personnel). The research can take place at both a university/research institute, as well as at a company.

About the FOM researchers
FOM researchers (PhDs, postdocs and FOM workgroup leaders) who participate in an IPP have been trained in a creative and autonomous environment, have international experience and have learned to work with state-of-the-art equipment. They possess not only the latest scientific knowledge and insights but have also been trained in areas such as methodical working, giving clear presentations, valorisation and management techniques. Companies value the quality of the FOM researchers, many of who subsequently work in industry (after completing their PhD research).

IPP evaluated as outstanding
In October 2014 the Governing Board of FOM commissioned an evaluation of the IPP funding instrument. In the evaluation report of the IPP, the committee concluded the following: the IPP as an instrument for public-private partnership occupies its own, unique, position within the innovation landscape and is of major strategic importance for fundamental physics and the application of this. FOM has successfully linked top quality to innovation. The committee called for an expansion of this unique funding instrument, which focuses on precompetitive, fundamental research with a fifty percent company contribution in cash.

Current partnerships
FOM enjoys superb and often long-term relationships with industrial partners. See all current IPP's.

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More information
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If you would like to find out more about FOM's Industrial Partnership Programmes then please contact Dr. Maria Sovago or Dr. Michiel van den Hout, +31 30 600 12 73.